Will the snow ever end this year? Sunday (18th March! I mean, March!) Yet another substantial precipitation has prevented the Sketchers to meet in the pre-established place. Since I stayed home, I’ll make it up for this week by publishing the sketches I made on Sunday 11th, which I had not yet published. They are... Continue Reading →


Snowy Days

Yesterday James and Jessica, moved by compassion, came to pick me up and brought me to the Natural History Museum in Dublin, the gathering place with the Sketchers for the occasion, and then they even brought me back home and helped shovel the snow and free my car so I could go to work the... Continue Reading →

One Week Late

I haven’t joined the Sketchers for the usual weekly drawing yesterday. Last Sunday, in fact during a meeting of the group in Rathmines, I started to feel not so well, and unfortunately it turned out to be a flu with some powerful bronchitis. I have completely recovered now (still a bit of a chest infection... Continue Reading →

We’ll be choked

The first stage of the new project for Bloomsday this year with the Sketchers took place yesterday in Sandycove. Last year, we completed our drawings for the exhibition in four rather hectic days, at the beginning of June. For this exhibit, again - obviously! - on Joyce's Ulysses, it was decided instead to work on... Continue Reading →

Costa Cafe, Henry Street

Yesterday’s meeting with the Sketchers was at the Costa Cafe in Debenhams, on Henry Street. There is a large window overlooking the street, which offers plenty of possibilities to draw the outside from different angles. Many of my "colleagues" have done just that (you can admire their sketches here), while I personally chose to sink... Continue Reading →

Smithfield Square

Another enjoyable Sunday with the Sketchers. Smithfield Square is a place that offers almost infinite possibilities for drawing: you can choose the Square itself, where the buildings and the modern structures all around can be drawn from different angles, or sit in one of the many cafes or pubs and illustrate the environment and the... Continue Reading →

Even Better than the Real Thing

A gift by an artist and a dear friend: last Sunday, with the Sketchers, while I was drawing pinball machines, Leyho made a quick portrait of me. I think it’s brilliant. He is an incredibly capable artist. Just take a look at his website and you won’t be disappointed. He’ll soon publish a comic book... Continue Reading →

Adapting to the Circumstances

Here I am again, trying to understand the great mystery of colours and the way light behaves. Yesterday I went with the Sketchers to Token, a very nice place, where you can play with the arcade and pinball machines from the eighties and nineties. Really a very smart idea for restaurant/cafe. In the room downstairs,... Continue Reading →

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