Even Better than the Real Thing

A gift by an artist and a dear friend: last Sunday, with the Sketchers, while I was drawing pinball machines, Leyho made a quick portrait of me. I think it’s brilliant. He is an incredibly capable artist. Just take a look at his website and you won’t be disappointed. He’ll soon publish a comic book... Continue Reading →


First attempt with ink

Portrait made with Procreate to learn how to use the brush with ink. I really like the precision with which the Apple Pencil makes you feel like you're holding a brush for real. Tomorrow I'll finally be back to draw with the Sketchers, And I'll try to use the iPad. Fingers crossed... Ritratto fatto con... Continue Reading →

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

With the new year a new toy arrived too; a toy I finally managed to get after a long time. This first draw wants to be just a small beginning of an experience that I hope will satisfy me over time. I still have to understand almost everything about this platform, but the feeling I... Continue Reading →

Sketching the Sketchers

Like last year, the Sketchers met at Centra in Westland Row, at the cafe downstairs, and sketched while David and John entertained everybody with a guitar and a violin. The incredibly cold weather has unfortunately made us leave sooner than the usual. There have been quite a few sketches of sketchers in this session, as... Continue Reading →


Gilles Villeneuve was one of the most - if not the most - beloved drivers of a Ferrari in Formula One. That was not just because of his reckless driving style, which in those years could easily mean fatal consequences, but also because of his innate class, which made some races memorable for generations of... Continue Reading →


"At that time I needed a mask rather than an actor, and Eastwood had only two facial expressions: one with the hat and one without it" - Sergio Leone“Avevo bisogno più di una maschera che di un attore, ed Eastwood a quell'epoca aveva solo due espressioni: con il cappello e senza cappello” - Sergio Leone


Today is my wife Louise's birthday. Here I portrayed her during a trip near Wicklow, in the comfortable and cozy Brooklodge Hotel Restaurant Bar, on St Patrick's day this year. A really nice day, spent together, relaxing away from the city. Unipin fineliners (0.05 and 0.1) Happy Birthday my love! Oggi è il compleanno di... Continue Reading →


Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies of all time. This is a small tribute to one of the characters, the replicant Rachael, who finds out who or what she really is practically out of nowhere. The actress playing the part is the beautiful Sean Young. This is part of my attempts to become... Continue Reading →

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