More from #Inktober2017 – Update

Another seven days have passed. I had to catch up with three days that for various reasons I could not complete, but I’m back on track (actually, I’ll be back on track tonight with today’s topic). In the last four drawings I went back to using the Bic pen, and maybe I'll use it for... Continue Reading →


Inktober 2017 – Upgrade

Second upgrade for Inktober 2017. This sketches weren’t scanned as I normally would because they were thought and realised quickly, so I think the raw results through simple photos taken with the phone are more appropriate than a polished scan. What do you think? These were the topics. 4 - Underwater 5 - Long 6... Continue Reading →

Inktober 2017 has started

These are the first three drawings I did for #Inktober2017. Aside from the first, which I did not following the official prompt list (I didn’t have it), the other two were drawn according to it. Hopefully I’ll be able to draw and publish (on Facebook) every day. I’ll also publish my works on this blog,... Continue Reading →

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