Another of my favorite paintings: Edward Hopper’s Automat.
This is the third of five I drew using coloured ball pens.

Un altro dei miei quadri preferiti: Automat di Edward Hopper.
Questo è il terzo di cinque che ho disegnato utilizzando penne a sfera colorate.


The last weekend

Due to popular demand, the show ‘There’s a touch of the artist about old Bloom‘ has been extended to run until Sunday 2nd of July.

Participating artists were drawn from a number of disciplines where drawing and sketching are an important aspect of their work.

Along with mine, other works are exhibited by Alice Campbell (graphic artist), Aisling Conroy (fine artist), Aideen Griffin (fine artist), Balazs Keresztury (architect), Frank Kiely (fine artist and print maker), Niamh Lunny (costume & set designer), Pat MacAfee (stonemason and author), James Moore (fine artist), Mary O’Carroll (draftswoman), Léo Régeard aka Leyho (special effects artist), Nina Ruminska (illustrator).

The show curated by the Olivier Cornet Gallery, Jessica Peel-Yates and Marie-Hélène Brohan Delhaye is a visual response to Ulysses through sketching on location in the Parnell Square Cultural Quarter of Dublin. The sketching event which took place from June 10 to June 13 explored the fabric of the James Joyce’s Dublin, real or imagined.

Meeting with the sketchers

Today, from 7 till 8 PM, at the Olivier Cornet Gallery, some of the sketchers/illustrators that worked on the Exhibit ‘There’s a Touch of the Artist About Old Bloom‘ will be answering to questions made by whoever wants to participate.
The panel will include Aisling Conroy (visual artist), Niamh Lunny (costume and set designer), James More (artists and illustrator), Pat McAfe (stone mason and author), Leyho (visual effects artist) and Balazs Keresztury (architect).
I’ll be there to follow and support.

Great job!

It has been a great day at the Olivier Cornet Gallery. I’ve published a short video on Facebook, for those whom might be interested.

Everything went perfectly, and all the participants made great sketches and paintings.

Thanks to all my friends that accepted my invitation and were there in a very important day for me. Thanks to the people that came and showed appreciation for our work. Thanks to the organisers that made a wonderful job.

And most of all thanks to my wife Louise and my daughter Alex: their presence at such an important event for me made my day.

Here we are now…

Today is the big day.
These are two of the sketches I made for the exhibit at the Olivier Cornet Gallery tonight from 7PM. The one on the left will be shown on the wall in the gallery along with another one not in this picture.
It goes without saying that I’m very, very excited about this new experience.
If you’d like to come and see the exhibit, this is the address and how to find it on Google Maps.

Hope to see you there.

Big day approaching

On this Friday, 16th June (Bloomsday), two works of mine and a sketchbook will be exhibited at the Olivier Cornet Gallery (3 Great Denmark Street, Dublin 1): from 7pm in the exhibit ‘There’s a touch of the artist about old Bloom’.
This is the very first time I’m part of an exhibit, and I am truly honoured. My work will be shown along with those of Alice Campbell (graphic artist), Aisling Conroy (visual artist), Aideen Griffin (artist), Balazs Keresztury (architect), Frank Kiely (artist and print maker), Niamh Lunny (costume and set designer), Pat McAfee (stone mason and author), James Moore (artist and illustrator), Mary O’Carroll (draftswoman), Leyho Régeard (visual effects artist), Nina Ruminska (illustrator).
I sketched around Dublin, following the paths of James Jouce’s Ulysses, from Friday 9th to Tuesday 13th June. A thrilling experience, and I really hope the people going the gallery will be able to enjoy too.

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