The Show Has Begun

And finally the day arrived… This year's Bloomsday at the James Joyce Cultural Center started a little early. Sunday 10th, the Sketchers (of which I am a very proud member for five years or so) have exhibited their works dedicated to what many consider as the greatest novel in English of the twentieth century: Ulysses. My... Continue Reading →


Bloomsday 2018 is here!

This Sunday 10th June, at 4pm, I’ll be exhibiting my work for Bloomsday 2018 at the James Joyce Centre at 35 North Great George’s Street, Dublin 1. It is a project I developed with Dublin Sketchers, and will be part of an exhibition which includes other beautiful works by members of the group. So, if... Continue Reading →

Under the (Dart) Bridge

Usual Sunday meeting with the Sketchers, this time in Gardiner Street. I made this sketch in the terrace of a cafe under the Dart bridge: sometimes the traditional sketchbook inspires me even more than my beloved iPad: drawing for me always depends on the mood. And last Sunday I was clearly in a "pen and... Continue Reading →

Lotus Eaters

On Sunday I visited Sweny's, the chemist where Leopold Bloom goes to buy various things including a very famous lemon soap bar. I am of course talking about Joyce's Ulysses, and of course I was there with the Sketchers to continue the Bloomsday project (which will be exhibited on 10th June at the James Joyce... Continue Reading →

Wandering Rocks

For today, here's the work in progress of the chapter called Wandering Rocks, again from Joyce's Ulysses and again part of Dublin's Sketchers' Bloomsday 2018 project. The place is Merchant's Arc, which gives access to Temple Bar from the south quays of the Liffey, where Leopold Bloom goes to buy his wife Molly a novel... Continue Reading →

Cyclops – 2

Another sketch dedicated to the chapter of the Cyclopes, taken from Joyce's Ulysses, a project with Dublin Sketchers. Following the one published yesterday on the same chapter, this sketch shows the Sick and Indigent Roomkeeper's Association building, mentioned at this point of the novel, and precedes drawings that I will publish tomorrow and in the... Continue Reading →

Cyclops – 1

I'm finally back publishing something. The Easter break was followed by another meeting with the Sketchers for Bloomsday 2018. This month we covered three chapters of Joyce's Ulysses. As for the previous works of my project (the chapters Telemachus and Lestrygonians of the same novel), I made quick sketches on paper and finished them on... Continue Reading →


Will the snow ever end this year? Sunday (18th March! I mean, March!) Yet another substantial precipitation has prevented the Sketchers to meet in the pre-established place. Since I stayed home, I’ll make it up for this week by publishing the sketches I made on Sunday 11th, which I had not yet published. They are... Continue Reading →

We’ll be choked

The first stage of the new project for Bloomsday this year with the Sketchers took place yesterday in Sandycove. Last year, we completed our drawings for the exhibition in four rather hectic days, at the beginning of June. For this exhibit, again - obviously! - on Joyce's Ulysses, it was decided instead to work on... Continue Reading →

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