Rooms from the past

Last Sunday's meeting with the Sketchers was at the Collins Barracks. It had been a while since my last visit, and I must say it is always a great pleasure to go back there. The place is huge and there are lots of things that can be drawn. On this occasion I chose the area... Continue Reading →


The Freemason’s Hall

Last Sunday's meeting with the Sketchers was a huge success: 32 people turned up to visit and sketch the Freemason's Hall (The Grand Lodge of Ireland) on Molesworth Street. Never seen such a crowded gathering. The sketch I made is that of an organ in the room on the second floor of the lodge: very... Continue Reading →

Inktober 2018 – Days 10-14

Five more sketches for Inktober 2018. The one from yesterday, once again, was done while attending the weekly meeting with the Sketchers at the National Gallery. The original sculpture doesn't have a clock attached, but since yesterday's prompt was indeed 'Clock' ... Apart from that sketch, made with a 0.4 felt pen on my sketchbook,... Continue Reading →


Last Sunday with the Sketchers I was suggested to visit a small cafe near Capel Street: Love is Art Atelier. Very relaxed environment, where I spent about an hour and a half drawing the interior of the place, silhouetted by the bright day beyond the shop window. No much to add to this story, if... Continue Reading →

Gone with the Wind

I missed the weekly appointment with the Sketchers yesterday because of another commitment. And since I took the whole last week off from work, I didn't bother publishing the schetch I had done the previous Sunday. I didn't go anywhere - except for a quick visit to a friend near Wicklow - during my 'vacation':... Continue Reading →


The weekly meeting with the Sketchers, last Sunday, was set in Stoneybatter, northside of Dublin. The good weather allowed me to sit down and calmly draw (not too much calmly, actually, as I was more than half an hour late...) a simple glimpse of the pub across the street from where I was taking the... Continue Reading →

Long Time No Blog

I have to admit that laziness was as well partly responsible of the lack of blog entries lately. But in my defence I also spent almost every night trying to improve some aspects of my drawing (especially the study on portraits, where I still feel very poor), so all I was working on was a... Continue Reading →

At the Olivier Cornet Gallery

I love visiting the Olivier Cornet Gallery, at 3 Great Denmark Street, Dublin 1, because first of all Olivier is a dear friend and it's always nice to visit him, and secondly because his gallery is full of interesting things to explore and sketch: highly recommended if you love art. As previously, he welcomed Dublin... Continue Reading →

LexIcon, Dún Laoghaire

I liked the visit to the LexIcon library in Dún Laoghaire with the Sketchers. The weather forecast din't look promising, but it ended up being actually really nice. I didn't sketch outdoors for fear that it could still rain, but the big library and large windows that lit the room so well gave me all... Continue Reading →

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