Will the snow ever end this year? Sunday (18th March! I mean, March!) Yet another substantial precipitation has prevented the Sketchers to meet in the pre-established place. Since I stayed home, I’ll make it up for this week by publishing the sketches I made on Sunday 11th, which I had not yet published. They are... Continue Reading →


Findhorn Bay

Another sketch from some time ago, made during a holiday in Findhorn, Scotland, for the wedding of two dear friends of mine. That morning the mist gave the bay a beautiful look. I tried to capture at least the idea with my ballpoint pen. Sunday I’ll finally be back drawing with the Sketchers, after two... Continue Reading →

My friends’ living room

This Sunday I should be able to join the Sketchers again. In the meantime, a reminder of a visit made to my dear friends in their lovely and cozy home near Wexford, just about a year ago. Domenica dovrei, salvo sorprese, riuscire a riunirmi agli Sketchers. Nel frattempo, il ricordo di una visita fatta a... Continue Reading →

Killing time

Waiting for my mum. She just finished her operation (all went well) and I finished drawing whilst waiting in her room. Sketching is always the best way whenever I'm stressed and want for time to pass quickly. Aspettando mia madre. Ha appena finito un'operazione (tutto è andato bene) e io ho appena finito un disegno... Continue Reading →

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