At the Science Gallery

Yesterday has been the first, real rainy day in Dublin in a couple of months (the grass had turned yellow, like in Milan in the summer, only I had never seen it happen here) I met the Sketchers at the Science Gallery, part of Trinity College. Here I used a mixture of fineliner (0.4 and... Continue Reading →


Findhorn Bay

Another sketch from some time ago, made during a holiday in Findhorn, Scotland, for the wedding of two dear friends of mine. That morning the mist gave the bay a beautiful look. I tried to capture at least the idea with my ballpoint pen. Sunday I’ll finally be back drawing with the Sketchers, after two... Continue Reading →

Using the Pen Like a Pencil

For some time I used different types of pencils for my drawings with the Sketchers. I normally would start from the light HB pencil for the beginning of the sketch, and then use 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B and 9B to add “volume”. Although the difference in the various tones was evident, I did not meet... Continue Reading →


Gilles Villeneuve was one of the most - if not the most - beloved drivers of a Ferrari in Formula One. That was not just because of his reckless driving style, which in those years could easily mean fatal consequences, but also because of his innate class, which made some races memorable for generations of... Continue Reading →

Back in Dublin

These last weeks have been pretty intense: my mother's operation went well, but it took longer than expected for her to recover and being let go from the hospital. In the end I took a further week off from work, otherwise I would have returned to Dublin with my mum yet to go home. I... Continue Reading →


A Italian cartoonist once asked me to explain why Hopper is my favorite painter. I told him that I’d really love to be able to explain it but I can’t. I have a strong feeling that if I could, one day, understand it, explain what so inexplicably attracts me to those beautiful paintings, perhaps that... Continue Reading →


Another of my favorite paintings: Edward Hopper's Automat. This is the third of five I drew using coloured ball pens. Un altro dei miei quadri preferiti: Automat di Edward Hopper. Questo è il terzo di cinque che ho disegnato utilizzando penne a sfera colorate.


Another work done with coloured ballpoint pens copying a picture of Edward Hopper, named "Cape Cod Evening". Working with coloured ballpoint pens requires a lot of patience - and a bit of frustration if the paper is not perfectly right for the task. You need to create thin layers of ink to get textures and... Continue Reading →

Hopper and ballpoint pens

This is perhaps my favourite painting by Edward Hopper, who is without a shadow of a doubt my favourite painter. Some time ago I got extremely fascinated by the works of some sketchers using ballpoint pens. It is a type of sketching that I feel very comfortable with. So, this was my first attempt. The... Continue Reading →

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